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About Leif Bohlin

Leif Bohlin is the president of Reologen i Lund AB. He also directs the science and development work from his headquarter in Övedskloster. Leif Bohlin maintains an active role as a scientist as well, mainly working in applied and industrial rheology. This is a rather unique combination 'merging science and instrumentation in rheology'. Reologen i Lund's product line is in its whole manufactured in Sweden.

Leif Bohlin founded Reologen i Lund AB in 1983 and is also the creator of the VOR Rheometer, a major rheology research facility, which since its birth in 1983 has found its way into over 400 scientific and industrial laboratories around the world.

Born in Umeå Sweden 31 January 1945.
B.Sc. in mathematics and theoretical physics , UU, 1966.
Ph D solid state physics, UU, 1971.
Chair (docent) theoretical physics, UU, 1972.

Academic research positions in rheology
Research fellow NFR, dept Polymeric Materials, Chalmers, Gothenburg 1976
Researcher, dept Food Technology, LTH, 1977 - 1984.
Professor (part time) in Experimental Rheology, dept Chem Eng, LTH, 1985-1990.

Inventor of the Year 1987 Regional Board of Technical Development
Inventor of the Year 1988 Swedish Board of Technical Development
First Rheology Award of the Nordic Rheology Society 1993

Business positions
Head of Development, Bohlin Reology AB, 1985-1986.
President, Bohlin Reology AB, 1986-1987.
President, Bohlin Development AB, 1988-1995.
President, Bohlin Reology AB, 1995-1999.
President, Reologen i Lund AB, 2000- .

Current work and direction
Rheology application knowledge in the medical area, specifically on the possible uses of rheological instruments in research on body fluids. Other work is in the food area where academic and applied research is being done on phenomena and methods in quality of wheat as related to dough rheology and baking volume .